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It was a bit cold and windy for the D Family’s annual family portrait session, but sunny!  So we can’t complain really.

It is so nice to see so many families year after year, and this family is no exception.  While big sister S, is definitely coming into her own, I couldn’t get over Mr. J!  In the course of the last year, he has really grown from a toddler to a proper little boy.  It is just wonderful to see.  And I LOVED the interaction between the two siblings!  They are as adorable as ever!

Just look!  I think they must be sharing a private joke or something 🙂

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Jennifer Bailey Photography, fall family pictures, Ottawa family photographer

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Jennifer Bailey Photography, Ottawa photographer

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Don’t you just wish that fall was another month or two longer?  It really is the perfect season.  The vibrant colours, the nice temperatures, the yummy fall dishes and drinks (not going to lie, I’m pumpkin spiced latte obsessed) and all the outdoor fun you can handle!  And if you can look past all the rain we’ve had recently, there have been some brilliant days that have made for perfect family photos!

I met this lovely family, by referral from another amazing past client.  I was so happy that she past my name on to mom.  We had so much fun, singing, discussing Halloween costumes (we think there will be an abundance of Queen Elsa’s this year – both our 5 year olds included!) and taking beautiful family portraits!  Fall doesn’t get much better than that!

Thank you L&E and C&L – it was great to meet you all!

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Ottawa family Photographer, baby photography, Ottawa portraits

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Jennifer Bailey Photography, family photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, family photographer, Ottawa photos

Ottawa family photographer, kids photographty ottawa

Jennifer Bailey Photography, ottawa fall photos

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I first met this wonderful family a few years back, when there were just 3 of them.  Mom C was pregnant with baby number two and Miss R had been their whole world until then.  Now, she is a big confident grade 2 girl, and that little boy is a typical, adventurous 3 year old – just where did all that time go?

We had a lovely warm “fall” evening (it felt like summer) exploring the trails, climbing fences and jumping from trees.  Childhood bliss.

Jennifer Bailey Photography, kids photographer

Ottawa kids photos, fall family photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, kids photos ottawa

Jennifer Bailey Photography, kids photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, Ottawa family photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography

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And not just because it revoles around the bitty people in our lives!  (although clearly this Mom and Dad are all about little Miss E’s world). But about halfway through this wonderful fall family session, Mom K, turned to me and asked, “were you at the neighbourhood street party this summer?”  While not EXACTLY our street, yes, yes I was!  “I knew I recognized you!”  Turns out we live in the same neighbourhood!  Lucky for me.  Maybe I will get to see Little E’s face at the park sometime.  Check her out….she is irresistable!

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You never know what the weather is going to do this time of year.  In the last 2 weeks, we’ve had fog, frost, sun and heat!  So sometimes, when you just aren’t sure what the weather is going to do, it is better to just go for it!  And that is what we did a few weeks ago with the C family.  It was really windy and the sun was pretty non-existant, but we made the most of it and it turned out pretty perfect, if I may say so myself!

It is always a joy to photograph this family and I have had the honour for over 6 years now.  That 6 year old little girl, the smiley diva?  She is the little wide eyed newborn baby girl on my blog header – staring right at the camera!  I am so privledge to call them friends and I love watching their family grow and change through the years.  Without more rambling….here they are, the 2014 version of their family!

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Jennifer Bailey Photography, ottawa kids photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, siblings, fall portraits

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Jennifer Bailey Photography

jennifer bailey photography

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Ottawa fall family photos

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After a cold and cloudy day, the sun decided to announce it’s beauty, right in time for this lovely family’s photo session.

It turned into a gorgeous evening, which meant giggles and fun and lots of cuddles.  Big brother E, is smitten with his little sister, L and was a big helper getting her to smile and not play shy with the photographer, as 9 month olds often are.

We ended as the sun set (a little too early for me these days!), all smiles and love and hugs.  Perfect.

Jennifer bailey Photography, mom and daughter, fall pictures


Jennifer Bailey Photography, ottawa family photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, baby and child photos

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Jennifer Bailey Photography, toddler photographer, kids photos, family photographer Ottawa

I love this one of Mom and Dad.  I always like to offer parents a moment to themselves to reflect on the beautiful family they started and the memories they have created together.  Often they haven’t had their portrait taken alone, together since their wedding day!

Ottawa family photo, couples and family photographer ottawa

Love and snuggles 🙂

Jennifer Bailey Photography, Ottawa portrait photographer

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I’ve been photographing these boys for a few years now and I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how crystal clear blue their eyes are!  Maybe it had to do with the handsome blue sweaters mom picked out for them!  I love a cohesive look in family pictures and Momma A always does a great job, but this blue just took it to a next level for me.  So perfect in everyway.

kids photography, fall portraits, blue eyed boy

Children's Photographer, family photographer, fall, boy

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It is always nice to photograph some of Ottawa’s beautiful families, but this one was extra special!  There were two!

Not only are these families close friends, but two of the kids are even dating each other!  It was so amazing to see the interaction and genuine affection they all had for each other.  I felt it just being in their company for a short time.  It really is a blessing to have friends like this in your lives.

Thank you M for organizing this photo extravaganza!  I can’t wait for you to see ALL the pictures!  Until then, enjoy your sneak peek!


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Jennifer Bailey Photography

Jennifer Bailey Photography

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I have had the pleasure of photographing sassy Miss S in the past, but never with Mom and Dad.  So this time out she brought them with her!  And let me say, they are every bit as stylish as Miss S. herself!

It was great fun for me to see her a whole year later.  It is amazing how much they change from 2 year olds to 3 year olds.  While the “baby” is still there, she is definitely becoming a proper little girl.  Clearly the apple in her parent’s eyes!

Thanks for coming out!  It was great to see you all again!

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What a gorgeous fall morning!  And what a gorgeous family to pair with it! 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time photographing and getting to know the B family.  It was one of those sessions where they are friends with friends and know so and so – you know those “small world” type connections?  So it was nice to finally put the faces to the name.  And on top of that we discovered our oldests kids are in the same class together!  So really a small world!

Thanks again C&B – enjoy your sneak peek!

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