A few days earlier than expected K&H welcomed a beautiful new baby girl, Miss S, into the the world.  Miss S joins her big sister C, who during our session proved to be such a pleasent little helper!  Not only did she sing to her little sister, but she read to her and even helped pick out her outfit and get her dressed!  I can see lots of girly dancing, singing and 2 little fashionistas in mom and dad’s future.  It is going to be so fun!

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Jennifer Bailey Photography, baby photos ottawa

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It really is a beautiful time of year here in Ottawa.  It doesn’t surprise me that requests for fall family photo sessions practically break my email!  The colours, the warmish temperatures, and the golden sunlight, make portraits magical.  It is a shame the season doesn’t last longer.

I had the honour of photographing M&D a few years ago, along with their children.  Now they are almost full fledged empty nesters, M contacted me about doing a session that celebrated just the two of them surrounded by the glory of fall.  I think it is a wonderful idea and something all couples should do every once in awhile.  In fact, my husband and I just did this ourselves!  While family photos are absolutely memories to treasure as well, as our kids grow, they too will treasure pictures of us, their parents.  It really goes both ways.

Jennifer Bailey Photography, family photos

family photographer, couples photography

fall couples photographer, family photos

Jennifer Bailey Photography, couples photographer, fall portraits

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When C emailed me to tell me they were expecting again, I was so excited to hear their news.  After having twins in her first pregnancy and then leaving their newborn session a few weeks later, I was fairly confident their family was complete.  But boy was I wrong!  Now we are days away from baby number 3 (if they haven’t arrived already!).  Having 3 kids means making big changes…bigger cars, maybe a bigger home, more laundry but also a lot more love.  I am completely confident that C& J and big brother and sister N&M have the love part covered.

Can’t wait to photograph the newborn baby soon!

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Jennifer Bailey Photography, maternity photos, couples expecting

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I first met this wonderful family a few years back, when there were just 3 of them.  Mom C was pregnant with baby number two and Miss R had been their whole world until then.  Now, she is a big confident grade 2 girl, and that little boy is a typical, adventurous 3 year old – just where did all that time go?

We had a lovely warm “fall” evening (it felt like summer) exploring the trails, climbing fences and jumping from trees.  Childhood bliss.

Jennifer Bailey Photography, kids photographer

Ottawa kids photos, fall family photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, kids photos ottawa

Jennifer Bailey Photography, kids photographer

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And not just because it revoles around the bitty people in our lives!  (although clearly this Mom and Dad are all about little Miss E’s world). But about halfway through this wonderful fall family session, Mom K, turned to me and asked, “were you at the neighbourhood street party this summer?”  While not EXACTLY our street, yes, yes I was!  “I knew I recognized you!”  Turns out we live in the same neighbourhood!  Lucky for me.  Maybe I will get to see Little E’s face at the park sometime.  Check her out….she is irresistable!

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Ottawa photography, mom and dad photos

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You never know what the weather is going to do this time of year.  In the last 2 weeks, we’ve had fog, frost, sun and heat!  So sometimes, when you just aren’t sure what the weather is going to do, it is better to just go for it!  And that is what we did a few weeks ago with the C family.  It was really windy and the sun was pretty non-existant, but we made the most of it and it turned out pretty perfect, if I may say so myself!

It is always a joy to photograph this family and I have had the honour for over 6 years now.  That 6 year old little girl, the smiley diva?  She is the little wide eyed newborn baby girl on my blog header – staring right at the camera!  I am so privledge to call them friends and I love watching their family grow and change through the years.  Without more rambling….here they are, the 2014 version of their family!

childrens photographer, boy, fence

kids photos, photography ottawa, fall portraits

Jennifer Bailey Photography, ottawa kids photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, siblings, fall portraits

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Jennifer Bailey Photography

jennifer bailey photography

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Ottawa fall family photos

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I consider it a real blessing and honour to photograph the families that I do.  It is an even greater privledge to photograph many of them repeatedly, year after year.  When you are part of some of the biggest moments in people’s lives, many times over, you feel like you are part of the family and slowly a friendship develops alongside the professional relationship.  The B family is one of those families.  I’ve watched them welcome their daughter into the world and become a parents for the first time.  I watched Mama K glow with joy during her second pregnancy and also photograph their new baby boy shortly after.  I’ve taken countless family portraits for them and smiled with glee when I see them displayed in their home.  And this past spring, we even watched each other’s daughters dance in their first ballet recital!  Worlds coliding!

And now, an updated fall family session that was pure amazing-ness!

Ottawa family photographer, fall family photos

Jennifer Bailey Photography, family portraits, kids photographer

Ottawa family photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, Ottawa family photos, fall photos

Ottawa children's photography, fall portraits, daddy and daughter

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And while this one isn’t quite in focus…(opps, it happens)  I couldn’t discard it.  I love the movement and the wind through her hair.  Pure childhood!

Jennifer Bailey Photography, Ottawa children's photographer

Ottawa Photography, Jennifer Bailey Photography, kids photographer


Jennifer Bailey Photography

The B family is also one of the nicest and most hardworking families you could ever meet.  I urge all of you to see for yourself and go check them out at their Pizza Shop in Osgoode.  I guarentee you, you won’t be disappointed!  Click on the link below








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Sit down.  Grab a coffee.  This is going to be a long, picture heavy post!

This session was a wonderful, thoughtful Father’s Day gift for Daddy P.  When J first contacted me about a gift card for the occassion, she litterally gushed about what a wonderful father he is to his girls and how much fun they have with each other.  You could just feel the love and admiration oozing from the email!  She really wanted a session that could capture their love and just how much they enjoy each other’s company.

I won’t lie…I felt the pressure!  But I think we got just what they were looking for.  There were lots of giggles and silliness and most of all love.

Thank you J for entrusting me with your vision!

Jennifer Bailey Photography, kids photographer, daddy and daughter portraits, Maplelawn Gardens

Childrens-photographer-Ottawa  family-photo-Ottawa

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After a cold and cloudy day, the sun decided to announce it’s beauty, right in time for this lovely family’s photo session.

It turned into a gorgeous evening, which meant giggles and fun and lots of cuddles.  Big brother E, is smitten with his little sister, L and was a big helper getting her to smile and not play shy with the photographer, as 9 month olds often are.

We ended as the sun set (a little too early for me these days!), all smiles and love and hugs.  Perfect.

Jennifer bailey Photography, mom and daughter, fall pictures


Jennifer Bailey Photography, ottawa family photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, baby and child photos

Ottawa photographer, family and kids, fall portraits Ottawa

Jennifer Bailey Photography, toddler photographer, kids photos, family photographer Ottawa

I love this one of Mom and Dad.  I always like to offer parents a moment to themselves to reflect on the beautiful family they started and the memories they have created together.  Often they haven’t had their portrait taken alone, together since their wedding day!

Ottawa family photo, couples and family photographer ottawa

Love and snuggles 🙂

Jennifer Bailey Photography, Ottawa portrait photographer

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Wow!  I haven’t done a product spotlight in a long while!  Well, it is about time, as I’ve just added these beauties to your product options – PHOTOBOXES!

One of the most common remarks I get after shooting a session and sending my clients their online proof gallery is, “I don’t know how I am going to choose!”

Well, with the introduction of the photoboxes to the product lineup, you won’t have to!  The boxes are designed by me, with the image and colour scheme chosen to compliment your session and include 25 5×7 bordered images of your choosing.  The nice thing about the photobox is you might have a picture you want to display in a frame in your home, and then maybe later change it up for another one – you have a box full of choices.  Or use it as a keepsake box to give to your newborn/child when they grow up.  The possibilies are endless.

Ottawa family photographer, Jennifer Bailey Photography, products, prints

Jennifer Bailey Photography Ottawa, products, photo box, prints

Fall Sessions are in full swing!  If this is something you are considering, please contact me at your earliest convience to avoid disappointment!

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