Whew!  It has been awhile!  The busy photography season is now upon us, and unfortunately, my blogging has suffered!  Hoping to turn that around – starting now!

Meet the gorgeous Miss S!

You may remember my session with another Miss S. at the beginning of 2012.  Well, that mom and dad are friends with this mom and dad!  And as a result, I have no doubt that these 2 girls will grow up as great friends too!  It really is so nice to go through a pregnancy and new parenthood as the same time as one of your friends.   Advice, milestones, playdates – you can share it all!  I was lucky enough to have my first at the same time as 2 friends.  Between the 3 of us, we had 3 girls within 6 weeks of each other.  And now, 7 years later, the girls still look forward to seeing each other.  It is amazing!

C&S, you were amazing!  So relaxed and easy going, which made my job easy!  I hope S was good for you the rest of the day (and night!). 

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Newborn baby, black and white, custom photographer

Jennifer Bailey, custom fine art photography, newborn

Jennifer Bailey, Ottawa maternity and newborn photography

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