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Not sure what to get your mom this Mother’s Day?  Why not the gift photography, with a Mommy & Me  Mini Session with Jennifer Bailey Photography?  Thursday evenings in May, come out and celebrate the special bond between and Mother and her children.  Space is extremely limited, so don’t delay!  Contact me to reserve your spot today at:

And moms!!  Pass this on to the Men in your life!  Don’t suffer the gift of another kitchen utensil!  Make the gift of 2013 last a lifetime!

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….is like the beginning of all things



a dream of possibilities

~Eda J. Le Shan

They really are.

I was so excited when mom contacted me, asking to photograph baby number 2 – a baby girl!  I had the honour of meeting and capturing her oldest as a newborn and couldn’t wait to see how he was fitting into his new role as BIG brother!  I think they are still getting used to each other, but there is a definite bond there.  The love in this house is amazing and I was honoured to be part of it, if just for a morning.

Thanks N&K for inviting me into your home in the first few days with your daughter.  She is beautiful and so full of possibilites!

Jennifer Bailey Photography, baby girl, newborn, natural light

Jennifer Bailey Photography, maternity and family photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, baby, family

baby, new, fingers, family photographer

Jennifer Bailey, kids photography, family

family, newborn, baby, mom and dad


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I was warned that Mr. B, was a colic-y baby.  It was the main reason mom wanted to wait for his baby photography session.  But the whole time I was there, I don’t think I heard a peep out of him!  Sure he got restless, but don’t we all?  At 10 weeks old, B was amazing.  It is such a great age to photograph.  As much as I love newborn sessions, at this age, it isn’t quite their size that gets me, but all those expressions!  And the love between mother and son!  A bond that isn’t easily broken.  LOVE!

mom and son, bed, newborn, jennifer bailey photography

mother and son, 10 weeks, black and white, baby photographer, Ottawa

Mom is a huge fan of old Dr. Seuss books.  The more beat up and scribbled in, the better!  She has been picking these up for her baby whenever she saw them.  And while she had a different vision of this photo, I LOVE how this turned out.  We put our own stamp on it and made it all B’s!

maternity, baby photographer, dr. seuss books, dr. seuss and baby

Ottawa, newborn, photography Ottawa, baby hands, fingers

custom photographer Ottawa, baby boy

Thanks T!  It was so nice to meet you and your beautiful baby boy!

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