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This little guy was supposed to be a 2013 baby.  Mom and Dad were so sure that they had lots of time to prepare for him, that they decided that they would wait for the Christmas season to wrap up, before focusing on baby.  But Mr. R had other plans!  Just a few days after Christmas, in 2012, R decided to make his big debut!

The fact that he is adorable and as handsome as can be, certainly makes the surprise that much sweeter.  Question is: is he a late Christmas gift or early present?

I’d say both.

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You may remember big brother C’s newborn session.  Well he is growing like a weed, and clearly loves his new role!

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Meet Miss M, unofficially my last newborn of 2012!  And I say unofficially, only because the last “official” 2012 baby for Jennifer Bailey Photography wasn’t photographed until 2013!

I can say without a doubt, M is the highlight of mom and dad’s lives thus far.  The adoring looks, the cuddles and affection, she is their world!  And who can blame them?  M is beautiful.

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