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Just look at it!  Gorgeous!!  I can just imagine what it will look like in a few years time.

This gorgeous little lady was a pleasure to photograph- once we got by the very first set up in which she proceeded to nail mom and the floor!  But this is part and parcel of being a newborn photographer!   Baby A wasn’t really sure what she thought of the whole modelling experience, but from the images we captured, I think she is a natural!

Thanks R & A for having me into your home.  Your family is just beautiful – which makes my job easy!

baby, photography, custom, Gatineau

Baby Photography, Jennifer Bailey Ottawa

Jennifer Bailey, Photographer Ottawa

Daddy and Baby, Photography

family portraits, photographer Ottawa

Jennifer Bailey Ottawa Photographer, Newborn

newborn, baby

only mom and dad know!!

I don’t know how they haven’t let it slip out because I know that is what would happen to me if I tried to keep a secret like that!

I’m sure you recognize this lovely family  I have photographed them a number of times over the last few years and I am sooo looking forward to capturing their newest little buddle in the coming weeks.  But for now they are a family of three.  Mom wanted to take the time to document this particular ‘version’ of their family, so to speak.  Soon it will all change and our little S will be a big sister!

I know she will make a GREAT big sister.  Look at her reading to the baby already!

maternity, expecting, big sister, belly, photographer, Jennifer Bailey

Ahhh, some mommy time before she has to share

Baby belly, mommy, photography

Jennifer Bailey, pregnancy photography

Pregnancy, baby belly

Can’t wait to hear your news E & P!!

Meet handsome little M. 

He knows where it is at – cuddled up with mommy or daddy!  There he is safe and secure and doesn’t have to deal with the lady with the camera all by himself!  But it all seriousness, M was as adorable as can be, and while he made us work a little, we captured him and his new family perfectly!

baby, buddle, Photography

baby, newborn in a crate, Ottawa Photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography, Baby

Ottawa Newborn Photography

newborn baby, family, Ottawa Photography

Thank you C & R for inviting me into your home.  It was adorable and so are you!

On a wonderful warm evening, I met this amazing family at the Experimental Farm for their son’s first photo session!  We had a great time wandering around the gardens, enjoying the scenery, chatting and of course, caputuring some wonderful images one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met – aside from my own of course! 🙂  Really the two of them should meet – they are cut from the same cloth! T was a real trooper.   He went with the flow and when we were done, he promptly fell asleep in dad’s arms.  A perfect way to end your first photos!

Thanks T & N – you are growing a beautiful family and it was a pleasure to capture these memories for you.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

Family, Photographer, Experimental Farm Ottawa, Ornamental Gardens


Happy Baby, Family Photography, Experimental Farm

Baby Boy, Experimental Farm

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the S Family and capturing the newest little baby I’ve had in a long while – 6 days!  Miss C is well on her way to becoming the Princess she is.  Not only is she beautiful, but she knows who is in charge – her!  She made us work for it, but we got some gorgeous images that I’m sure Mommy & Daddy will adore!

Thank you R&J.  I enjoyed my morning with you and I hope you got some well deserved rest in the afternoon!

baby, newborn, Ottawa Photographer

newborn, Jennifer Bailey Photography

And the BIG BROTHER!!  Who so lovingly still refers to his sister as “Sprouty”  Their nickname when she was tucked and cooking inside mommy’s tummy.  Love.

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A gorgeous family + a gorgeous evening = a perfect time for a portrait session!

I had a wonderful time at the Experimental Farm and Ornamental Gardens with the L Family!  I loved that they are the same “makeup” of my own family – it gave me a glimpse of the future.  The girls all poked fun of each other about their hair being out of place and they way they were standing, while the outnumbered boys just went with the flow!  They knew who was running the show!

Thank you L family for a great evening.  I enjoyed meeting you all!

Experimental Farm, Portrait Photographer

Their kids are just stunning!

Experimental Farm, Teen Photography

Portrait Photography, Ottawa, Experimental Farm

Jennifer Bailey Photography, Ornamental Gardens

Ornamental Gardens, Photography Ottawa

Ottawa Photographer, Ornamental Gardens

My favourite of Mom and Dad 🙂

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