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I love newborn baby girls!  Probably because I have 2 myself 🙂  I have a weakness for them…

This particular little girl was just as cute and snuggly as could be!  I had a wonderful time photographing her and meeting her family.  You can just tell how much big sister is in love with her little baby sister M!  I’m sure she is going to be a great helper for Mommy!

Thank you R&M for inviting me into your beautiful home during this special time.  I wish you nothing but the best!


I had a hard time narrowing down my favourite mommy/baby portrait, so I’m posting 2! 🙂




10 perfect tiny toes!



And Baby M’s lovely big sister!


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I love photographing this family! 

For the last few years I feel like I have grown right alongside their family.  I was there for their first newborn baby boy, there when he turned one and now I had the chance to photograph their newest addition….baby boy A! It has been an amazing journey to watch and I am so honoured to have been called on to capture these special moments for them.

Thank you again M&S!  Enjoy your sneak peek!


The newest big brother!  I can’t believe I photographed him as a newborn too!  He has grown up so much!








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After having 3 handsome and active boys, this family was blessed with their very own newborn baby girl!  I was so pleased for them and delighted to capture their little princess, Baby N.  She is definitely a keeper!  With 3 doting older brothers, it is clear who this household will revolve around in the years to come!

This could be my favourite sibling portrait of all time.  I can just see it as a canvas – beautiful!

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Newborn Photographer Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Bailey Newborn Photography

Jennifer Bailey Ottawa Newborn

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Ottawa Newborn Portrait Photographer

Thanks again for having me!  I enjoyed meeting you all and your wonderful family!

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…but it was still cold!

My favourite little family came back to me wanting some portraits for their 2010 Christmas Card.  We met at the Watson Mill in Manotick, but I think we lasted for all of 10 frames!  It was C-C-C-COLD!  I don’t blame the kids one bit…my fingers wanted a warmer place too! So we headed back home for a few more shots. 

This session is a little old now…I believe the cards are in the mail as we speak,(and they are stunning!)  but I still wanted to share.  They are just too adorable not to!

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Jennifer Bailey Childrens Photographer

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Ottawa Kids Photographer Jennifer Bailey

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To say that this is the busy season for us photographers, could be an understatement! Not only is there a rush for family portraits at this time of year, but the babies don’t stop coming just because the holidays are around the corner.

Needless to say, I know mom has been very patiently waiting for a sneak peek, so I really wanted to give her a little something before her little girl starts sitting up!  Meet baby N!  The first girl after 3 very handsome and active boys.  Enjoy having a girl in the house Mom & Dad!


It isn’t often that I get to photograph this age group – 3 months.  So when mom gave me a call, I jumped at the chance!

At this age, their little emerging personalities really shine through – every emotion is worn on their sleeve, so to speak.  Happy smiles, serious stares, hungry mouths, tired eyes – yes they show it all!  And what fun it is to capture!  Meet the many faces of adorable Baby K!

Jennifer Bailey Baby Photographer

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Jennifer Bailey Ottawa Baby Photographer

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