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It has been SUPER busy around here lately with only more sessions to come! 

These are some of the beautiful portraits going out now.  They are  just waiting to grace to walls of all my wonderful family’s homes!


I met M&J at the Mill in Manotick on a beautiful late fall day.  The sun was out, and the air was warm – we couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning!  And I couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple to photograph.  Immediately I felt as though I had known these two my entire life!  The conversation came easily, as did the smiles and jokes.  I enjoyed my time with them immensely – so much so that M & J took me out for a coffee when we were done 🙂

Thank you, you two!  It was so nice to meet you both and to spend a little time together getting to know each other.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

Jennifer Bailey Family Photographer Ottawa


I think this is my favourite!  I love the connection.



And this little storyboard, sums up M & J perfectly!


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I love when I leave a session with a smile on my face, and after this one, there were soooo many reasons to smile!

First off – Newborn baby C herself!  Seriously, could she be any more precious? And so good.

 Next – mom and dad.  They welcomed me into their home and I quickly discovered they were  2 of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

And of course, the images were were able to capture of this adorable little being and her new family.  I found it VERY difficult to pick just a few to feature here!  LOVE THAT!  Big smile.

But really, what makes a newborn photographer smile from ear to ear and do a little happy dance inside??  I didn’t get peed or pooped on once!! 🙂    Nothing!  Not a blanket or wrap or anything!  Although C did nail dad pretty good (to the slight delight of mom) –  I somehow think he will forgive her!

Newborn Photography Ottawa Ontario


Newborn Baby Photographer Ottawa




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It was a gong show almost right from the start.

We thought with the time change we would have plenty of time to dress and spiff up our 3 kids and ourselves before heading out the door….wrong.  It went down to the wire….and JUST as we’re about to leave, I dropped a contact down the sink.  My poor husband.  He had to perform some unplanned sink surgery – but he managed to rescue it!  yay!

So we’re on the way to Mackenzie King Estate in Gatineau for our annual Christmas Card Session with my friend and talented photographer, Liz Bradley of Elizabeth & Jane Photography.  We’re on time – a feat, all things considered.  Until we get to the MAIN road in Gatineau Park announcing “Road Closed for the Season”  NOOOO.  What to do?  After many wrong turns and frantic phone calls to Liz – who is also lost – we finally arrived 1/2 hour late. 

But at that point, the tides seemed to have changed and we captured some wonderful images of each of our families.  So without further ado – Liz!






I’m not going to share any of ours – yet – as I haven’t decided which ones will make our Christmas Card, but I will share a maternity one Liz took of me!  Love!

ottawa maternity photography




















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I have had the great pleasure of photographing Little G a few times before, but I think the last time, she was *just* beginning to crawl and pull up on things.  And look at her now!  A proper and beautiful little girl!

However since the last time, G has become a big sister!  This was the first time I met little S AND on top of that, I met their cousin F!  It was a really family affair!  On a rainy day we were confined to the house but still managed to get some great images.

Thanks again A and S.  I will be in touch soon!

Ottawa Child Photographer

Jennifer Bailey Photography

Jennifer Bailey Baby Photography Ottawa

Jennifer Bailey Baby Photographer Ottawa

Baby Photographer Ottawa

Jennifer Bailey Child Photography Ottawa

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