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Waking up to snow on the ground and still coming coming down, is NOT the way to start the day at the end of April.

Thankfully, I got to meet with this happy girl this morning!  Her smile was all the sunshine we needed.  Just look at her!

I am going to be photographing this lovely family again later this summer – so stay tuned.  Next time Little S’s big sister will be joining us for a full family session!!  I can’t wait!

Thank You V&N for the coffee and a wonderful morning!  I enjoyed capturing S for you and I’m looking forward to seeing you again!


Featured in these pictures is Stonebridge Realtor, Niraj Singhal.  If you are looking to buy or sell your home, don’t hesitate to contact him!  He will take good care of you! 


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It truly amazes me how every baby comes into this world in one of two ways, yet their birth stories are always so different!

Remember K&A and their amazing maternity session?  Well at the time of our meeting, they thought they were just a month away from meeting their new little bundle of baby.  But oh no!  Little E had other plans!  She made her Mommy & Daddy (and sister) wait and wait and wait! For another 9 days!  But in reality, when they arrive this perfect and beautiful and healthy, it is all worth it!

And let’s not forget Big Sister L!! 

And since Mom & Dad both work for high tech companies, they have a little *thing* for gadgets…especially Dad.  I can just picture her like this for real, in oh, 15 years or so!

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Spring has sprung here at Jennifer Bailey Photography!

Things have definitely been very busy both on a personal and professional level.

On the personal side, both my girls have spring birthdays.  And being a birthday fanatic I tend to go a little overboard, which, makes a lot of work for me!  One down, one to go!  I’m hoping to find the time to post a few pictures in the coming days, so be sure to come on back!

Professionally there are a TON of sessions coming up!  Newborns, families, babies!!  I can’t wait to share them all with you.  If you are thinking about booking a session in the coming months, now is the time to give me a call in order to avoid disappointment! 

And of course a picture.  This will be the last one of my “baby”.  Next month she is officially a toddler *sniff sniff*


Babies have to be the most amazing little things ever created!  Pair that up with a stunning spot created by Mother Nature and it could just be perfection!

On a gorgeous afternoon I met J&A and their new little boy for a photo session at Ottawa’s Arboretum.  While not everything is in bloom yet, it is still a lovely setting…and with the weather we’ve been enjoying lately, you can just feel everything coming to life again.  Really a perfect celebration of baby S.

Thank you J&A, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment walking around the park and photographing your beautiful and happy family.  I will be in touch soon!

This is one of my favourite moments of the day

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