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I travelled to Greely a few days ago to photograph Mr. G on the occassion of his first birthday!  Already crusing and taking a few steps, G had me chasing him down – but what fun!  New found mobility has to be the biggest perk of this age. 

We had to work hard for smiles – and don’t worry, we got some mom – but this might be my favourite of the day.  If you follow the blog, you know I’m drawn to black and white images.  They just seem to say so much more to me.

But the rest are just as fun – Here I am on the chase!

Thanks again A&J – what a wonderful little boy you have!

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After a session is wrapped, images have been editted and the proof gallery has been put online, inevitably one of the first questions my clients ask me is how will I ever choose?  This is always a difficult task – especially when the portrait is of your loved one, the apple of your eye!

Usually there are clear favourites and these are the images that are often bought as a canvas or as a large print that will find a wonderful spot hanging in your home.  But then there are those other images, ones that you love and have to have, but aren’t necessarily going to be hung up on a wall. 

Where do you put these prints??

I myself know that I am guilty of putting them aside, maybe in a drawer, and loosing track of them over time.  In fact, just the other day I found some of the beautiful prints from my own maternity session, with the talented Petra King, that were taken in March 2009 – almost a YEAR ago!

So when choosing your prints, why not consider buying them in an album from your photographer??  This is the perfect why to keep your prints safe AND to take them down from a shelf every once in awhile and ENJOY them!  And as a boutique photographer, this is what I love….to go along with my popular leather albums, I am now offering new albums to my clients!   

This stunning brocade album comes in plum or light grey and is enclosed in a beautiful presentation box.  It truly is a wonderful way to display your precious memories and to share them with your friends and family.  No more having to fish them out of a drawer!