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Well, I am a little biased!  But come on!!  Her smile is just so contagious that I had to share!

Our littlest keeps growing and oh how I wish we could slow things down.  I LOVE having a baby in the house and with each passing day, she grows a little more.  Now at 8 months she already has 2 teeth.  *sniff*  another milestone reached.  But I know that there are many more to come for a long time and that keeps me happy!

Sorry about the picture overload – I just couldn’t narrow it down!

And after mommy was done with our little mini-session, the model requested her very important *sookie* back.


Jennifer Bailey Photography

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This little guy made it to the New Year’s Eve Party just in the nick of time!  With only a few hours to spare, hansome Mr. R is officially my last newborn of 2009.  And what a great birthday to have -there is sure to be a party every year!

I spent a wonderful afternoon with T&J and baby R in their home in Toronto.  It was great fun for me as J and I went to high school together – although a few years apart.  I always enjoy seeing old friends become parents.  On one had it makes me feel old, but on the other, it reminds me how far we have all come.  At just 6 days old, R has made T&J parents and it is a role that clearly suits them well.

 This session was a gift to them from some of their close friends and I truly hope it is something they will treasure for many years to come.  

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