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I had the pleasure of meeting Miss A and her family at their home today and man did she give us a workout!!  Apparently A isn’t a big daytime sleeper, so we had to pull out all the stops.  But don’t worry mom, we got some images I’m sure you will love.

Gosh, I love belly buttons!

Remember this little guy?

Can you believe he is just about to turn 1?  Time flies!

I had a wonderful morning at the Arboretum, reconnecting with Little Man K and his parents M & S.  It was a gorgeous day to play in the leaves and we got some great images to prove it!  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy watching my newborns grow from tiny little babies into little people.  I get such a kick out of it.

Thanks again M & S.  I will be in touch with your full gallery soon!

This is what happens when you combine the artistic vision of a photographer with the artistic vision of a painter/illustrator/designer

Two very different, but amazing masterpieces! 

I was so pleased when Donny Nguyen contacted me this past summer.  He wanted to know if it was alright to use one of my engagement photographs of S&C to create a piece of artwork for them for as a wedding gift from him.  Of course, C being my Brother in Law and S my future Sister in Law, how could I say no!  They are 2 of our favourite people in the world and I knew from seeing Donny’s work, he would being giving them an amazing gift.With the wedding taking place this past weekend the final result was unveiled and I couldn’t be more thrilled with Donny’s interpretation!  It is fantastic and I know S&C absolutely love it!

My original vision:

And Donnys:

Donny is a very talented Toronto based artist who is happy to take on any commissions.  Original art in all its forms, makes a wonderful engagement or wedding gift.  If you are interested in taking an idea or a portrait to another level give him call!


My friend 🙂

We spent an amazing year at teacher’s college and then she upped and married herself an American boy and moved away 🙁  I hadn’t seen her since her wedding in 2006!

I was so happy when she made it home to Toronto recently and she brought with her her baby girl B.  I was thrilled to meet this little gem of a girl and see my friend.  It was an amazing afternoon that went by far too quickly.  Why does that always happen?  B, clearly wasn’t a fan of Ontario weather and was yearning for the Florida sunshine, but we still got some amazing captures!

Thanks J!  Can’t wait for the visits to be reversed sometime SOON!