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I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I LOVE FIRST BIRTHDAYS!!!

To celebrate that first year where children learn SO MUCH, is really something special.  So when Little M’s mom and dad contacted me about a photo session to celebrate their son’s first birthday – and on his actual birthdate – I couldn’t refuse!  We all had a great time in the fall sunshine, exploring, playing and examining all the fall leaves.  I think it was the perfect way to spend a first birthday and all the accomplishments of the last year.  I kinda think M did too!

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It isn’t a secret how much I love first birthdays.  Really, I love all birthdays, but there is something extra special about that very first one!  Babies learn to do so many things in their first year of life – smiling, laughting, rolling over, sitting up, eating first food, clapping, kissing, standing up, talking….the list goes on and on, so why not celebrate it???

This session was all about Baby A.  She brought along her big sister, A and big brother B to capture this new milestone in her life – turning one!

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And of course, what is a celebration without a little cake?

It took a moment for A to really get into her cupcake, but then there was no stopping her!  One is fun!

Jennifer Bailey Photography

Ottawa baby photographer

These two couldn’t resist…..




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It was a genuine thrill to finally meet baby N and get my long overdue baby snuggle!

Mom and I had arranged to meet over the Christmas holidays, but baby N had other plans.  Tired and maybe slightly sick, he made us wait very patiently until recently.  But WOW, he was worth the wait.  Just look at this little bub!  He is an armful of sweet baby snuggles.  On top of that, I think he may have the biggest repetoire of facial expressions.  I loved every minute.

Thanks C & W.  It was so good to see you!  Looking forward to next time!

Jennifer Bailey family Photographer, Ottawa & Toronto

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You just know when someone wants to capture their entire family, there must be a lot of love that surrounds them.  And this is so true for the “GG” family!

I have been fortunate to meet N’s parents, visiting from Spain, when I photographed baby D as a newborn.  So while they were here in Ottawa recently, N emailed me to see if we could photograph the whole crew as a birthday gift to her mom and sister.  Isn’t that the nicest present ever??  It was really a lot of fun too!  With 2 babies, the number of songs and dances we all performed was probably worth charging admission for!

I definitely left the session with a smile on my face and a very full heart.

Thank you again N&C for inviting me into your lovely new home.  I wish a lifetime of happiness and more happy memory making in it.  And a big Happy Birthday to C & A!  Thank you for letting me capture this special celebration!

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Can you believe it?  Where does the time go? 

You might remember these two little bitties from their newborn session, just over a year ago now.  And here they are now, a year older, with all sorts of new tricks up their sleeves!  Sitting, smiling, clapping and just about to take first steps.  What an exciting year it has been for mom and dad and I love that they wanted to take the time to capture it all. 

So happy to see you all again!  Happy Birthday M&N!

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I have had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family, every fall, for years!  And every fall, Miss F. is a little bigger, a little more confident and a little more independent.  But this year, there was a whole other aspect to define her – big sister! 

How wonderful is it to have a built in playmate that lives with you?  Mr. L clearly wants to move and groove and try to keep up her, but I think mom (luckily) might have a few more months before he is exloring on his own and tagging along with his big sister.

This session was full of a lot of love and a lot of giggles.  It makes me so happy to be part of their lives every fall.  Thank you L&J!


Children, love, fall pictures


Jennifer Bailey Photography, fall portraits

Jennifer Bailey Photography, kids, fall portraits

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Fall portraits, Ottawa family photographer

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It isn’t too often that I get to photograph slightly older newborns, but when I do, it is so much fun!

At 6 weeks, Mr. G was very interested in my camera and what was going on around him.  I not only got that amazing eye contact, but precious smiles!  And I can’t tell you how obviously smitten mom and dad are with their little man!  You can feel the love all around their home.

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custom baby portraits, family photographer

family, baby in nursery, Ottawa Photography

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newborn, family photographer, Ottawa, Jennifer Bailey

baby boy, Jennifer Bailey photographer

And Mom and Dad.  Swoon 🙂

newborn, baby photography Ottawa

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These were the words straight from Mr. F’s mouth as we walked around the Experimental Farm during his family photo session.

These were the words going through my head as I captured him and his little brother Mr. C! 

You see, I have been photographing this family since they welcomed their first son into their world… and now here we are, years later, with son number two sitting up and on the verge of losing that precious gummy smile.  Where does the time go?

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Jennifer Bailey Photography, cuddles, baby and parents

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Thank you again, S&C!  I so enjoy seeing you and your family!

Fall sessions are starting to fill up, so don’t miss your chance to make your own memories and decorate your walls!


If you take a look back on the weather for the month of May, you will see a slightly annoying trend for the Ottawa area on Thursday nights.  RAIN! 

Yes, for the most part we have had a very wet spring.  But who would have predicted rain for every.single.Thursday.night. when I had planned Mommy & Me sessions?

Finally, on the very last night, Mother Nature decided to play nice for a lovely family that I have had the pleasure to see grow before my eyes.  I met mom while she was pregnant and expecting Mr. D.  I also photographed him as a newborn.  And here they are now, 9 months later, on the cusp of one!

We also want to say a big thanks to Dad, who had the smarts to gift this session to mom for her very first mother’s day!  How special is that?!  So of course we had to take a few shots of dad with his family too!

mommy and me, baby, outdoors, mother and son

Jennifer Bailey Photography, mom and son, mommy and me session, baby, cuddles

Jennifer Bailey Photography, baby, boy, 9 months

Jennifer Bailey Photography, family of three, 3, baby boy

Jennifer Bailey photography, outdoors, evening light, baby boy

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After photographing J&A’s maternity session during a late spring snow fall in Toronto, I finally got back to the city to meet their new baby girl.   Of course, following the trend of crazy weather for spring 2013, who could have predicted a hot, humid April afternoon for Baby A’s photo session?

But heat makes for sleepy babies, which is perfect for newborn photographers!  After a few breaks for feeding and mommy snuggles, Baby A was as happy as could be and clearly the apple of Mommy’s eye.  She loved being in her arms, surrounded by love.

newborn, girl, sleeping, Ottawa photographer

newborn, baby, Jennifer Bailey Photography

Jennifer Bailey Photography, newborn, girl, mommy

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