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This is what happens when you combine the artistic vision of a photographer with the artistic vision of a painter/illustrator/designer

Two very different, but amazing masterpieces! 

I was so pleased when Donny Nguyen contacted me this past summer.  He wanted to know if it was alright to use one of my engagement photographs of S&C to create a piece of artwork for them for as a wedding gift from him.  Of course, C being my Brother in Law and S my future Sister in Law, how could I say no!  They are 2 of our favourite people in the world and I knew from seeing Donny’s work, he would being giving them an amazing gift.With the wedding taking place this past weekend the final result was unveiled and I couldn’t be more thrilled with Donny’s interpretation!  It is fantastic and I know S&C absolutely love it!

My original vision:

And Donnys:

Donny is a very talented Toronto based artist who is happy to take on any commissions.  Original art in all its forms, makes a wonderful engagement or wedding gift.  If you are interested in taking an idea or a portrait to another level give him call!


Welcome to my new blog!  We’ve spruced up the place a little and made a few changes.  I’m very pleased with the overall outcome, but I’m most excited about the new bigger pictures!  I couldn’t think of a better way to start this new blog than with big engagement pictures of S & C who are starting their life together!  It couldn’t be more fitting!

This is the first of two engagement sessions – this one being a rural setting.  We will be doing part two in an urban setting in a few weeks time.  I think this combo. represents S & C perfectly.  They both enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city living, but appreciate the calmness of cottage country.  But no matter where they are, they love is evident!

Looking forward to seeing you both in a few weeks.  Until then, enjoy this preview!