See what I did there?

This little guy shares a birthday with the country he was so lucky to be born in.  Not only was it Canada Day, but on a milestone year – Canada’s 150th!  How fun is that?!

After settling in and taking some time to get to know each other, I met baby O and his mom and dad, at a few weeks old.  We really wanted to capture their lives in their home, as a new family of three.  It is such a fleeting time.  Often it is in a sleep deprived fog, but it is also the time where cuddles are aplenty and starring into your baby’s face can see hours disappear in an instant.  Needless to say baby O was a delight!  Squishy, lovely and so alert – I think he knew he was the star of the hour!

Jennifer Bailey Photography, newborn lifestyle photos

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Jennifer Bailey Photography, newborn photos

Jennifer Bailey Photography, newborn photographer

Newborn lifestyle photographer

newborn photography, lifestyle session, mommy and baby photos

newborn lifestyle session, Jennifer bailey photography

Jennifer Bailey Photography, newborn photographer